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Premier Plasterer for Chessington and Hook

Hello, and welcome, we’re glad you stopped by. Solid Plastering was established in 1995, so we can offer nearly two decades of experience in plastering, ceiling repair, drywall installation and much more. If you are in Chessington or Hook and are in need of plastering services, look no further than Solid Plastering.

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Plastering, Ceiling Repair and More

Here at Solid Plastering, we can offer expertise in all aspects of the trade:

  • Wet plastering, always a perfect finish, ready for decoration
  • Drywall installation, including a smooth plaster finish
  • Chasing – covering electrical wiring behind the plaster for a neat appearance
  • Ceiling repair, including removal of dated artexing or texture
  • Rendering of exterior walls
  • Coving between wall and ceiling, for an elegant touch of detail

Whatever plastering you require to make the most of your home, Solid Plastering has the skill and expertise to get the job done.

Plastering in Chessington

Plastering in Chessington or Hook? We’re Local

If you are looking for plasterer in Chessington area, look no further. We are local, friendly, and totally professional.

You can rely on Solid Plastering to be reliable and courteous, while providing the top-notch workmanship that only years of experience in all aspects of plastering, rendering and ceiling repair can bring.

So if you are looking for the perfect finish to the walls or ceilings in your Chessington home, Solid Plastering is sure to deliver.

Plastering in Chessington since 1995

We’ve been in the plastering trade for nearly two decades. We know that uneven, poorly finished surfaces can really spoil a newly decorated room. Don’t let it happen. Call Solid Plastering, and allow our skilled tradespeople to create the perfect finish.
We’re fully insured, and have an impressive portfolio of past jobs, including rendering, drywall installation and ceiling repair. A selection of these can be seen on this website.

If you’d like to join the ranks of Solid Plastering’s many satisfied customers in the Chessington area, please get in touch.